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Limited Edition Custom Barware made for Metallica to be sold exclusively on All art by Pushead

Metallica Pint Glass #1 "The Pirate's Ghost" 

Metallica Pint Glass #2 "No Leaf Clover" 

Metallica Pint Glass #3 "Chopsticks" 

Metallica Pint Glass #4 "Spider"


Other Limited Edition Custom Barware Set made for Metallica  All art by Pushead

Metallica "Damage Inc." Decanter Set  

Metallica "Fixxxer" Pint Glass Set 


Custom Decanter Set made for Horror High to present to Michale Graves. See all the pictures here.



Limited Edition glasses and shots made for Mr. Monster of 1313 magazine featuring the art of David Hartman from Sideshow Monkey. See all the pictures here.


Custom glasses made for Glenn Barr


Custom barware etched for Lux Interior and Poison Ivy of the Cramps 


Custom barware made for the world famous Olivia - San Diego Comic Con 2003 


Custom barware glass made for the infamous Coop 2003


Custom glasses and shots made for Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child of Twiztid.  See all the pictures here.


Custom pint glasses made for Brian Pulido, Lady Death Creator


Custom barware etched from photograph of Anna from the Ghoultown Crew. (click here to see all the pictures)


Custom etched shot with Pink Colorfill made for Jami Deadly from 

31 of these shots were made to celebrate Rue Morgue Magazine's Halloween 2003 party


Custom barware etched from b/w photograph for "Creepy Girl" Anastasia from Creepy Cat Productions  (click here to see all the pictures)


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Click to Enlarge Picture

Custom Shot glasses etched for Johnny Ace Studios to toast the Texas Rat Fink Party 

Glasses made for Slymenstra Hymen of the Girly Freak Show


Custom pint glass made from original design Suicidal Tendencies Tattoo "All I Wanted Was A Pepsi"


Custom glass made for Miss Ellie May from SpiderBabies in Dallas, Texas


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Swamp Zombies


Indica Alley


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